Our Generators

On the hill above the Dulas Valley in mid Wales our two community owned wind turbines can often be seen blowing in the wind, generating power that’s fed into the local electricity network.

We were one of the first UK organisations to develop community-owned renewable energy projects.  Following our creation a number of other community energy projects have taken off, often with different constitutional models and experiences.

Vestas V17

Our first community owned wind turbine, a Vestas V17 75kW second hand generator from Denmark, was up and running in 2003 through investment raised from a share offer and with grant funding support from the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust, the Energy Saving Trust and ecodfyi.

Further details can be found on the Vestas page


After an epic struggle, our second wind turbine (a second hand Nordtank 500kW machine also from Denmark) started generating in December 2010.

‘Nora’, as she has become known, has been performing better than expected, all thanks to the wonderful wind!

Further details can be found on the Nordtank page