Welcome to the our new website!

Finally we’ve got around to improving the website, through which we hope to offer up more for our members and those interested in community energy schemes. We hope you enjoy the new look and that you’ll stay in touch through the site.

This site is still in development, but anything is an improvement on the last so we thought we would go live. We’ll make improvements and add updates over the next couple of months or so as we get to grips with the software.

The Nordtank has been performing as well as possible recently given the cold weather. Her recent oil check showed up positive and it appears the machine is in good health, though we’re always mindful of keeping an eye on her. We have virtually completing laying of the replacement cable to the V17 which has been down for a couple of years now as we sought a solution. We should be able to go live this year but we need to check the condition of the machine first as it has been idle for a while. We will keep you better updated through the blog on this website.

Best wishes from the BDCR management committee:

John Williams (chair), Sonia Kuznetsov (company secretary), Rod Edwards (treasurer), Duncan Kerridge, Harry Chandler, Michael Phillips, Conrad Trevelyan



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