Nordtank shut down as DNO seeks to re-energise the site

The Nordtank 500, ‘Nora’, is to be out of operation for another week or so as we await re-energisation of the turbine by the Distribution Network Operator, Scottish Power Manweb. Nora has been down for a week or so already, and our trusty technical advisors John and Rod have been on site attempting to resolve the issue with reps from the DNO. SPEN is having problems with the batteries and charger, part of the switchgear unit, that are preventing SPEN from re-energing the site.

It’s a matter that is largely out of our hands but we’ll do all we can to encourage SPEN to get the site live again and to get Nora turning. We’ll keep you posted.

That said, Nora clocked up a whopping 94,724 kWhr in December – the highest output for the year!

Best wishes to all for 2014.

BDCR committee

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