‘Nora’ dealing well with the easterlies

Our Nordtank 500kW turbine has been coping pretty well with the weather of late, and enjoying the stiff, fairly constant easterly winds. She went down over the weekend (23-24th March 2013) with the extreme gusty winds and some grid problems, but she’s up and running again and ‘Nora’ is quite close to generating at full capacity right now. Please see a picture of one of Nora’s nurturer’s, Rod, up there this weekend when she was down forĀ  a bit. Just see the commitment we have!

Whilst the cable to the V17 is largely replaced we are considering options for its future through an options appraisal. We hope to report back more at this year’s AGM.


Nora March 23 2013







Nora March 23 2013 2



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